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Vero: the Facebook and Instagram replacement?

Over the past week or so, there has been a lot of noise in the social media and marketing worlds about the social media platform “Vero”. There have even been stories in Time and other more mainstream media publications, as well as the usual marketing and media outlets like Mashable. It is: The most downloaded […]

“Scan & Go” Testing at Walmart

MY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE USING WALMART’S “SCAN & GO” SERVICE I am currently near Destin, Florida and had heard that the new “Scan & Go” service from Walmart was available at the local store. I’m not a huge Walmart shopper, but am a fan of trying new things. I am also a bit of a ‘customer […]

I Said “No” to a Potential Client

I kind of said “no” to an editing client, and was ok with it! Being a copy editor isn’t new to me. I’ve been doing it for a number of years. However, offering eBook editing services is a new service that I have recently added to my portfolio. Accidental book editor My good friend, Kim […]

Top 3 Tips to Finding New Clients on LinkedIn!

Is it possible to find customers on LINKEDIN WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY ON ADVERTISING? follow these tips to start making connections with prospective customers on LinkedIn! Many businesses are using LinkedIn to cultivate relationships that turn in to leads, for $0! It takes a little bit of time every day, and a concerted focused effort. […]


What’s the difference between a coach and mentor?

Coach or Mentor. What’s the difference? And which one do I need? We’ve all heard the terms “Coach” and “Mentor” used whether it be in our corporate jobs, or on social media, articles and general media sites. Coaching has become so popular – there are coaches for everything! And I mean everything – there is even […]