You have a blog or post regularly on social media. But no one is engaging with your content.

You want people to read your blog posts and to engage with your content on social media! But you’re hearing crickets…

Here are 5 no-fail ideas to create content that engages your readers!

1) Write different types of content

Variety is the spice of life and all that! Instead of posting all text posts, spice things up with video, infographs, polls, photos, quotes, etc.

I did a quick poll on my Facebook page recently, and 100% of all respondents said they will engage with posts that include images over text only posts. The same can be applied to your blog posts.

So, remember to change it up!

The Intentional Marketer Facebook Poll

2) Readable and digestible

People like to digest content in bite-sized chunks. It is simply easier for our brains to be able to scan short paragraphs.

When you are writing paragraphs in a blog, email and even on social media, break up your paragraphs to make it easier to read each one. Keep them 1-2 sentences long (3 max).

Use lists, bullet points, headlines and subheadlines to break up content to make it scannable and therefore easier to read.

3) Keywords

I’d be amiss if I didn’t include this in the list. Just as important as it is to create easy to read content, it is also important to appease the “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) gods (e.g. Google).

You should also use keywords that your readers will find interesting, and will encourage them to keep reading!

You can start by using a tool like  to see what keywords are trending etc.

Also, use your own clients and readers to understand what words they really use (not jargon words!) Research how they describe the topic you’re writing about.

4) Titles are everything…

Sorry, but it is true. Think about posts you read, and even the emails you open. Just as the subject lines in emails are super important (as I mentioned in my eBook on The Basics: Email Marketing), titles for blogs and social media posts are what will get your content read or ignored.

Use this headline analyzer to see how your next title or headline scores.

And use this simple but cool Topic Generating Tool from Hubspot.

HubSpot Blog Topic generator

5) Tell a story

Sharing a real-life story with your audience is a great way to get your readers to feel more of a connection with you. It also makes the content unique – no one else will be writing the same story!

Share stories about your own experiences, or client experiences (of course, leave out any personal identifying information!). Write about the ups and the downs, and be authentic and honest.

At the end of the day, people connect with people, and this is a great way to do that.

Your turn

There you have it. Five no-fail idea for creating engaging content.

So no more stressing that no one is reading your content!

Now I want to hear from you! Tell me…

1. Do you find yourself in the situation where you don’t think anyone is reading your content?

2. What’s your favorite idea for coming up with engaging content? Share below!

Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got!